Computers in Human Behaviour

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Computers in Human Behaviour

The use of mobile phones is greatly considered as a source of distraction to students’ academic performance. The article, “Computers in Human Behaviour” reviews the emerging literature about the effects of multitasking with a mobile phone on learning. The article uses 132 studies published during 1999-2014 to respond to the following questions; ways in which mobile phones impair learning? Why using phones impair learning, and preventing mobile phone distractions can be achieved?.  ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The study reveals that the sources of mobile phone distraction are phone ringing, messaging, and social applications and this cut across all cultures, personalities, genders, and other information motives. Distraction targets are reading and attention of people. The study reveals that smartphones give wide coverage of 4G, 3G, and 2G and these internet speed bandwidths enable people to send texts, receive calls, and interact in social media in a speedy manner.

The study reveals that mobile phone multi-tasking leads to distraction in three main ways which include mobile phone ringing, texting, and information communication technology. These three distraction sources are the causes of lower GPA for students. A survey reported by Karpinski and associates of 102 undergraduates and 117 graduates revealed that their poor grades were caused by increasing access to Facebook. Campbell’s 2006 study of 176 faculty U.S. and African students reported that 73 percent of students report low GPA due to phone ringing while in class. Harman and Sato’s 2011 survey of 118 undergraduates on the relationship of frequent texting to their performance revealed that the higher the number of texts received during course work, the lower their grades were. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The study concluded that preventing mobile phones from distracting learning; institutions should prohibit the use of mobile phones during class work.


Quan, Chen and Yan Zheng. “Does multitasking with mobile phones affect learning? A review .” Computers in Human Behavior (2016): Univesity at Albany, State University of New York, USA. 34-42.

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