Concept of Sustainability- Annotated Bibliography

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Concept of Sustainability- Annotated Bibliography

Commonwealth of Australia, copyright regulation 1969, what is Sustainability?

This article demonstrates the key ideas related to sustainability. Firstly, in the description of the discipline sustainability, it is identified as a multidisciplinary subject, which helps from other scientific knowledge to identify the issue. The students of the discipline needs to be a quality thinker with a firm grip in the subject, ability to analyse critical components of and possess the ability to encourage, motivate and inspire. Definition is also provided in the article, which defines sustainability as a system of operation that can continue without interruption. Though the system looks different from one another, they are connected with single idea, that all the system only converts the energy, and not waste it. The natural capital is limited and cannot be regained. The triple bottom line principle connects planet, people and profit in a single string, which needs to in equilibrium. The over use of the planate’s resources by the people for their profit broke the equilibrium and currently it is in a critical….Show More Content….

Herremans, I. M., & Reid, R. E. (2002). Developing awareness of the sustainability concept. The Journal of Environmental Education34(1), 16-20.

In this article, the authors highlights the need of education for sustainability for controlling the situation, as it is the responsible of the citizen of the world. Though the groundwork of the education was lay in 1970s, few institutions actually initiated the course. While talking about sustainability education, the triad tool can prove to be best in the field for understanding the situation. It is divided into three aspects, environment, economy and social values, which are interrelated. All these three values need to be….Show More Content….

Brueckner, M., Durey, A., Mayes, R., & Pforr, C. (2013). The mining boom and Western Australia’s changing landscape: Towards sustainability or business as usual?. Rural Society22(2), 111-124.

The case of Western Australia mining can be sited as poor demonstration in sustainable development. This is seen as a highly profitable sector and the economic and social values are exploited to its extreme measures. However, these resources are…ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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