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Task 2: Consumer Insights Report

Task Overview and Instructions


The purpose of this consumer insight report is to apply consumer behavior theories, concepts, and, frameworks to a current marketing problem/opportunity. Using scholarly and reputable sources, you will provide an in-depth report which proposes three theoretically supported marketing strategies. Scholarly and reputable sources include double-blind peer reviewed journal articles, industry reports, textbooks, and pieces from ‘the conversation’. Sources such as Wikipedia should not be cited in this report. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Topics for consumer Insight Report:

For the purposes of this assessment you can choose one of the following two topics:

  1. Weight loss and weight maintenance
  2. ‘Game of Clones’- The Dark Side of Consumer Behavior

Recommended Structure for Report:

  1. Introduction (Estimated 150 words)
  2. Overview of Topic- Explain why your topic is interesting and why it needs to be investigated
  3. Target market- Explain and justify what target market you are selecting and why you are selecting that particular market segment for this report
  4. Problem/ opportunity statement- Provide a statement which summarizes the problem/ opportunity which is the focus of this report
  5. Literature Review and Framework (Estimated 750 words)
  6. Overview of Literature on Topic
  • Provide an overview as to what previous research and literature has investigated on your topic
  • You may choose to use table here to summarize common points across different sources
  1. Theory/ Framework/ Concept
  • State what theory/ theories you will use to investigate your problem/opportunity (a maximum of two theories should be used however, one is sufficient)
  • Provide an overview of the theory and justification for your selection
  • Link this theory/ framework/ concept back to your topic
  1. Marketing Strategies (Estimated 750 words)
  2. Marketing Strategy 1
  3. Marketing Strategy 2
  4. Marketing Strategy 3
  • Ensure you explain how each of your strategies relates to your chosen theory
  • Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your strategy
  1. Recommendation & Conclusion (Estimated 100 words)
  2. Recommend marketing strategy (pick one of your three suggested and provide justification)
  3. References
  4. Appendix (only if required)


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