Corporate Social Responsibility

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Boots Corporate Social Responsibility


For every organization to succeed there is the need to regard the aspect of managing human resource. The aspect is of great importance since it ensures that companies have the right people with the right skills to deliver best services in relation to the goals of the organization. The goals are drawn from the corporate strategies of the company (Greene & Kirton, 2015, p26). Companies will ensure that they remain competitive depending on the corporate social responsibility strategies established (Hendry, 2012, p6). The corporate strategies are usually found in the model of the organization. In the Boots Company, the aspect of managing the human resource is well taken care of, targeting to give the best outcomes to the company. Managing the human resource is not only beneficial for effective service delivery, but also economical since it aids in proper utilization of the available resources. This has led to the improvement of the image in the minds of the public attracting various clients from various walks of lives globally (Hohnen & Hasle, 2011, p 1024). The paper gives an analysis of the approaches employed by the Boots Company in effectively managing the human resource in relation to the corporate strategies of the company. Click here to ORDER NOW


The organization in ensuring that the health and safety elements are realized, it works smart on the aspect of human resource management. The organization in this regard ensures that the employees acquired are the right ones for the company with the qualified skills and the passion to their job. Professional individuals not only build the public image of the organization but also give other employees an opportunity to serve the organization the best. Best service delivery is the aspect regarded by the Boots Company and even goes ahead by assessing its customers to see where they can improve on their services (Hughes &  Ferrett , 2011, p 56). Some of the health and safety measures exercised by the organization are as discussed below:

Launching effective health and safety policies

Considering this aspect, the company has put in place measures on how to ensure that the set policies for enhancing health and safety are achieved. Despite on the improvements, the company is still working on the policies creating room for innovation and inventions to advance the services more. The common aspects improved in this regard entails:

Health and safety document

The policy put in place ensures that health and safety measures are perfected therefore enhancing service delivery. Well-kept records ensure that information needed for effective service delivery is easily accessed. In ensuring that health and safety documentations….Read More

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