Crimes of Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

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Crimes of Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

In 250 words:

Discuss the differences between the crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment. Use examples to highlight the specific differences. Make sure to include the differences in the elements to the crimes, the statutory language, the grading of the crimes, and the possible sentences. This needs to a thorough analysis of the differences between the two crimes. When answering your peers, make sure and “check” their work.


First, please answer directly into the submission box. Do not attach a document, such as Word or PDF. Some students have difficulty opening attachments and we would like to make your answer accessible to everyone in the course

A complete answer will use material from the reading assignments. For full credit, please also respond thoroughly to two of your peers. A good response will either add to, critique, or question the original post. A good response is not, “I agree” or “I disagree”. Please review the rubric for additional grading information, and contact me if you have any questions on the quality of content.

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