Develop Proposal For Healthcare Reform

Develop Proposal For Healthcare Reform


The United States continues to experience challenges with respect to health reform. There is considerable agreement on the need for health reform; however, there is an appreciable divide with respect to how to best achieve reform. Discussions on strategies for reform include a repeal of current legislation (the ACA), the implementation of a universal plan, and various “fixes” to the ACA.

Many would suggest that a repeal of the current system would be most appropriate, while others support efforts to “fix” the current ACA. The health organization you work for has asked you to develop a comprehensive proposal for healthcare reform.

The U.S. expends more of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare than any other developed nation. However, the superior amount of spending has not resulted in superior outcomes when compared to other countries. In addition to higher costs, the U.S. is the only developed country that does not offer universal health to its citizens. There has been a significant amount of discourse with respect to the pros and cons of universal coverage. Those who oppose universal coverage often refer to the Canadian, single-payer system and its challenges, such as high tax liabilities for citizens, its long wait times, and the perception of the single payer system as socialized medicine. However, those in favor of universal coverage argue that the single payer system is not socialized medicine and its costs relative to the current system in the U.S. is more cost effective. Moreover, the single payer system is only one form of universal coverage. Countries that consistently rank high in terms of positive health outcomes often employ a multi-payer universal system as opposed to a single-payer system.


You will analyze the current literature on the health system in the U.S. Your final project will include a paper, a voiceover PowerPoint presentation, and an infographic of your proposed solution. Possible solutions include a single payer universal plan, a multi-payer universal plan, a potential enhancement to the ACA such as adding a public option, Medicare for all, or a complete repeal of the current law.

The three (3) deliverables are:

  1. ONE –  A paper that includes the challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health – Costs, Access, and Quality. Please address the following: The purpose is to find our own solution( If I were in charge….I would..etc)
    1. An examination of current policy
    2. A discussion of whether healthcare should be considered a right or a privilege
    3. A discussion of the role of special interest groups on health reform
    4. Articulate the significance of the involvement the Congressional Budget Office in determining the cost effectiveness of reform
    5. Explain the importance of considering existing privacy laws in reform efforts
    6. Describe and justify your potential solution to current challenges facing the U.S., including resource allocation
  2. TWO –  A voiceover PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the major challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health (Costs, Access, and Quality), a comparison of various possible solutions, and your proposed solutions. CAN USE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAPER AND PLACE IN A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. SUMMARIZE THE CHALLENGES, THE COMPARISON OF VARIOUS POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, AND YOUR PROPOSED SOLUTIONS – USE NOTES SECTION FOR THE NARRATION PORTION
  3. THREE – An infographic that outlines your final proposed solution to the current challenges facing the U.S. in terms of balancing the iron triangle of health.(Costs, Access, and QualityShould match the proposed solution