Diverse Faculty Creation Paper

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Diverse Faculty Creation Paper

Topic: The Struggle of Higher Education to Attract and Retain Candidate for Faculty Positions


Most institutions of higher education are struggling to attract and retain candidates for faculty vacancies. Today, the largest challenge that higher learning institutions face is the acute shortage of competent and qualified faculties. As a result, institutions are struggling to attract and retain faculties and hence offering poor academic services to the students. Some institutions have lost competitive advantage over other due to their inability to provide top quality education services to the students as compared to their competing higher learning institutions. The economic impacts of the Great Recession in the world market cannot be ignored in the education sector in all the affected countries. This study explores the current trends in the education sector contributed by the 2000 to 2010 Great Depression in relation to faculty attraction and retention. The research will substantially establish about how the great recession occurred and how it extended its adverse effects to education sector. Also, the study will explore why the fields of science, mathematics, and special education have few experts and faculties in the higher education systems. Further, the research will identify the reasons why some higher learning institutions recruit unqualified faculties instead of recruiting experts and qualified professors. Moreover, the research will determine the factors attributed to the observed lack of qualified experts and faculty member candidates to the vacancies. Additionally, the study will find out whether candidates lack of some academic degrees than others contributes to the observed lack of qualified faculties in some fields such as science, special education, and mathematics related courses.


Keywords: Faculty vacancies, higher learning, great depression, faculty attraction and retention

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