Dominos Pizza: Strategic Analysis

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Dominos Pizza: Strategic Analysis

The Business is DOMINOS and the industry is the industry that DOMINOS is based in.

You will present the results of a detailed strategic analysis of a given company in the form of a report written as a consultant’s slide deck.  The report will show the group’s ability to select and use appropriate tools, frameworks, Models and techniques of strategic analysis.

Here are some basic points in relation to the presentation:

  1. The presentation is designed as a feedback session where you present an early version of the slide deck to the class and myself and receive comments/feedback on how to improve it for final submission.
  2. The presentation is not marked however you will earn you participation marks (marks will only be deducted if it becomes clear that the group is not ready to present and/or if it becomes clear that the group did not prepare adequately for the presentation, i.e. waited until the night before to put some slides together).
  3. All group members must present.
  4. The presentations are counter-time, you have around 5-7 minutes to present, depending how many groups are in the workshop.


Here is what I am expecting in the content of the presentation:

  1. Your presentation will cover the following topics: (a) General business environment, (b) Industry Analysis and Strategic groups, (c) Business model, (d) Internal analysis, resources and capabilities, (e) Internal analysis, capabilities and internal value chain, (f) Business level strategies, (g) Competitor rivalry and analysis, (h) Competitor dynamics.
  2. Your presentation will include a practical application (practical means that its applied to your industry/company) of the following models: (a) PESTEL, (b) Five forces model, (c) Lifecycle model, (d) Strategic group model, (e) Competitor analysis, (f) Business model (g) Resources, capabilities and competencies table, (h) VRIO/VRIN,  (i) Value chain analysis (j) Ratio analysis, (k) Business level strategy,(l) some strategic issues + strategic options at the end. Dominos Pizza: Strategic Analysis
  3. Order your slides so that they make sense to the audience. It helps to take an outside in approach, i.e. start at External Analysis and move into Internal Analysis and then navigate towards the options.So, this means the following ordering:
    1. Introduction to the industry / company
    2. PESTEL analysis
    3. Five forces analysis
    4. Life cycle + Strategic group model (split one slide into two halves and have both models on it)
    5. Competitor analysis
    6. Business model
    7. Resources, capabilities and competencies table + VRIN/VRIO (on the same slide if you can. If not then split it into two slides)
    8. Value chain model/analysis
    9. Financial Analysis (Ratios + other financial data + explanation)
    10. Business level strategy
    11. Some strategic issues + strategic options to deal with these issues at the end
    12. References
  4. Make sure that the slides are attractive, i.e. include graphics, and that they guide the audience by telling a story about your industry/company.


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