Exploring Further: Scenario Analysis

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Exploring Further: Scenario Analysis

The scenario

You or Your Group have completed the feasibility analysis from Assessment 2 Part A and are feeling more confident about your digital technology business idea. It is now time to develop your business model and illustrate how your business could create value for its customers (minimum 1000 words).

Your task

Make corrections to your first report (Part A) as described in feedback.

Add more sections to your report, covering the following.

  • Develop a business model for your product that was identified in Assessment Part A using the BMC template.
  • List at least 3 characteristics for each component in your Business Model Canvas.
  • Explain each component and characteristics of your Business Model.
  • Explain any innovations in your business model that are different to your competitors.
  • Explain the process of how your business model will deliver value for your customers?

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