Educational Technology Essay

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Educational Technology Essay (1250 Words)

Over the past few years, technology has greatly transformed the society and changed various aspects of peoples` lives. The increased use of technology has resulted in the growing consensus to the general public and the educators who conceive that technology in the current world plays integral role student`s education (Murphy, 2016).   The use of the technology by the schools has continued to increase steadily over the recent years, as the educators attempt to introduce and integrate technology in the academic curriculum. On the other hand, besides the educators, the other stakeholders in the education sector consider technology as an essential aspect of learning that allows both the educators and the students to interact and acquire adverse knowledge. The technology in the learning environment also allows the students and the educators to receive a wide range of information and interact with contemporary issues that are critical to learning. Educational Technology Essay


According to Hegedus, Dalton & Tapper (2015), educational technology is not only restricted to computer use, but it also involves other applications and equipment such as digital television, video conferencing, electronic whiteboards, and digital cameras that are used in learning institutions to promote learning. Educators have put much effort and decisions regarding the appropriate technology to use and how to use it. Hegedus, Dalton, & Tapper, agree that there is no specific type of technology to be used in one particular way. However, the appropriate technology for school setup should match the teaching and learning goals and be relevant and appropriate to students who use it. different schools have different technological goals which include; reducing inequality in computer access, increasing the economic competitiveness of the students, improving student`s achievements and finally creating an active learning environment that enables students to excel in research and development.

Perry & Steck (2015), presents that classroom learning, especially learning mathematics tend to struggle for many students. Therefore the methods used by the educators to deliver mathematical knowledge to the student greatly impacts….Show More Content….

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