Effective Leadership Essay

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Effective Leadership Essay

Assignment Leadership Guidelines

  1. Critically evaluate the use of transformational and transactional leadership in change management, using contemporary examples and academic literature to support your arguments.

You will be expected to critically review the literature to identify the key topics within the essay and draw on contemporary organisational examples of leadership to support your discussion of the arguments you present.

The essay should have a clear introduction where the topic in the question is clearly broken down to demonstrate your understanding and an outline of the areas that will be explored in the essay. The introduction should also provide the reader with an indication of the structure the essay will follow (approximately 300 words). Effective Leadership Essay

The main body of the essay would have a clear discussion of the key topics and arguments. Ensuring that there is balance of argument that is clearly referenced and sourced. (approximately 1400 words)

The final part of the essay is the conclusion which should lead naturally on from the main body of the essay and provides a summary of the arguments presented within. There should be no new information introduced in the conclusion.


N.B This is an essay and should be flowing continuous prose i.e. No titles, no bullets points

Structure of the Assignment:

  • Written in essay format (no subtitles or bullet points)
  • Type in 12 size font, one and a half spaced
  • Clearly focused demonstrating a clear interpretation and understanding of the essay question.
  • Logical and sound theoretical argument supported with contemporary organisational examples of leadership.
  • Provide in text referencing and reference list in Harvard format. Using cited references (not textbook)
  • Limited to 2000 words (plus or minus 10%).
  • Ensure proofreading, editing, correct spelling and punctuation is undertaken
  • Use A4 paper, number every page.
  • For additional information on referencing please see: http://www.citethemrightonline.com

Key Reading;

Carrol, B., Ford, J. and Taylor, S. (2015) Leadership: Contemporary Critical Perspectives; Chapters 1- 6 and the suggested readings that were covered in the lectures most pertinent to the topic of your choice

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