Engineering Ethics in Australia

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Engineering Ethics in Australia

Learning outcome 2: Explain engineering professionalism and ethics in the Australian contexts

In addition to technical skills, expert engineers are guided by other skills, knowledge, and values in undertaking their engineering projects. Engineers Australia is Australia’s engineering professional body that accredits engineering courses as well as assessing whether the engineers trained overseas are capable of practicing as engineers in Australia. Engineering graduates in Australia are expected to portray a set of skills that meet Stage 1 Competency Standards. The Stage 1 Competency Standards in the Australian context clearly explain the professional ethics and conduct of engineers. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies explains the eligibility requirements for an engineer to qualify to practice in Australia. In particular, Stage 1 Competency assessment applies to migrant engineers whose technical qualifications are not recognized by Engineers Australia (EA). For example, it applies to those people who possess Australian engineering degrees but the degrees are unapproved by EA. Also, the assessment applies to overseas engineers whose engineering degrees are not recognized by the Engineering Australia. Another example where Stage 1 Competency assessment is called for is when a candidate has an engineering degree and the degree is not approved by Engineers Australia but the may have a graduate degree in engineering (Shore, 2008, p. 160). In this regard, EA categorizes engineers into three classes; engineering associate, professional engineers, and engineering technologists.

All Engineers Australia (EA) members commit themselves to practicing in accordance with the engineering code of ethics. Professional codes of ethics are principles designed to guide and help professionals conduct projects diligently with honesty, objectivity, and top integrity. The EA requires engineers to exhibit the highest code of ethics in their projects and exhibit due care and diligence. Engineers are required to maintain the confidentiality of clients’ data as required by the law of this code….Show More….

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