ENGL 1010 Essay Two

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ENGL 1010 Essay Two

A Boring Title for ENGL 1010 Essay Two: Identity and Education

I feel fairly confident that many of you are past the point of wanting to write about education and identity. If that is the case, suck it up. While much of our conversation has focused on race in education, I have tried to make a consorted effort to discuss other factors that play a role in education: location, income, teachers, etc. I hope at least one of these ideas catches your attention for this assignment.

In this essay, you should write at least 850 words discussing identity and education. You are free to focus on an issue within education (i.e. race) or you might take a different approach. A teacher who shaped your understanding of the world or motivated you might be the focus of your essay. Even more so, you may want to argue against the ideas presented in class concerning education. You could argue that Hannah-Jones is wrong in her understanding of racial issues within contemporary education. Of course, you can argue to prove that Hannah-Jones is correct. Keep education the focus. ENGL 1010 Essay Two

I can easily perceive a situation in which many of you are unsure of how to approach this essay. Think about how your education has shaped the way you view the world. For example, I can thank Dr. Marsha Lee Baker for my place in the classroom, as well as how I view teaching and the learning environment. She shaped my identity as a teacher and what it means to teach. For me, teaching is asking questions of the world and those around us. As such, education only happens when we put the principles and skills we have learned into action. For writing, this principle means using our ability to write as a tool to convey or challenge ideas. This principle also means that writing is a tool that can change the world. Otherwise our conversations in class do not matter. Make them matter. Write.


Required Minimum:

At least 850 words in the essay’s body (not counting Works Cited page)

Typed in MLA format, Times New Roman, Size 12 Font

At least 2 cited source that we have read and/or discussed

Due: 10-28-2018 at 11:59pm through eLearn.


  • Essay impresses with clarity, detail, focus, and near grammatical and punctuation perfection.
  • Essay has a few issues with clarity, detail, grammar and punctuation.
  • Essay meets minimum requirements with substantial issues, which hinder the effectiveness of the argument.
  • Essay fails to meet minimum requirements, but the writer demonstrates some effort.
  • Essay fails.

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