English Education Studies Quiz

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English Education Studies Quiz

The essay is 1500 words.

Essay question: Who might be considered a vulnerable person in need of pastoral care in primary schools? How might this impact their learning and behaviour?

Relate the essay on two reports which is: The Elton Report 1989 and The Steer report 2005-2008.

The essay must consider:

Who counts as vulnerable; the link between pastoral care, learning and behaviour; definitions of disruptive/challenging behaviour; underpinning theories of behaviour and learning.

Write about:

  1. What’s the policy? How do we manage behaviour? How does this impact on learning? What is pastoral care?
  2. How does it relate to learning and behaviour?
  3. Who counts as being ‘vulnerable’?
  4. Recognising why some young people might need support to function in school in a manner which enables their learning and that of others.


English Education Studies Quiz

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