Essay 2 Critical Comparison/Contrast

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Essay 2 Critical Comparison/Contrast


Television commercial to critical compare/contrast: my choice is FIFA and any commercial about fast food. I need to focus on the three main types of persuasive appeals- ethos( character), pathos(emotion) and logos(reasoning/logic). The project emphasize in two things: 1-Establishing, supporting , and defending a position on which commercial is more effectively persuasive. 2-Use quotes /paraphrasing to support your position( and explain how they do so) Can you please check also the file to see a suggested online..

ENG 113
ESSAY #2: Critical Comparison/Contrast

This essay project will require you to select two argumentative texts and compare them by critiquing their attempts to persuade you to a position. In this instance, our “texts” will be two television advertisements – you will need to choose both advertisements.

The goal of this assignment will be to determine, based on your analysis, whether one advertisement is more effectively persuasive than the other.



We will spend class time discussing and examining the theories behind various kinds of persuasive appeals, with particular attention paid to Aristotle’s Rhetoric. We will focus on the three main types of persuasive appeals – ethos (character), pathos (emotion), and logos (reasoning/logic) – and the various strategies and/or fallacies associated with each.

We will then quickly look at a number of examples to see persuasive appeals in action; for this assignment, you will be asked to select two television commercials (your choice, pending approval). Avoid choosing an advertisement for a movie, television show, or event, as these are often more promotional than persuasive; product advertisements and public service announcements are preferred.


This project emphasizes two things:

1. Establishing, supporting, and defending a position on which commercial is more effectively persuasive
2. Use of quotes/paraphrasing to support your position (and explaining how they do so)

Depending on the nature of the argument and the position taken, persuasive appeals and strategies will vary text-to-text, but all persuasive appeals can be categorized as ethos, pathos, and logos. You will need to structure each of your body paragraphs around one of these types of appeals, discussing both commercials in each paragraph (point-by-point rather than block style). Essay 2 Critical Comparison/Contrast

A suggested outline:

  1. Intro paragraph: Engage the reader on the topic, introduce your selected ads, and provide a thesis regarding which is more effective.
  2. Discuss logos: WHAT are the commercials’ messages, what claims do they make, and how do the ads attempts to substantiate them with outside reference (stats, data, expert opinion), logical reasoning (“proofs”), and effective organization (LACK of these elements is a possible discussion, as well).
  3. Discuss ethos: HOW do the commercials attempt to present their products, and what do the ads do to engage the reader at a personal level.
  4. Discuss pathos: WHO are they ads directed toward, how do the ads want the viewers to react, and do the ads achieve the desired results.
  5. Conclusion: Final word, reinforcement of thesis, wrap up.


All final drafts must be around 800 words, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, etc.

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