Reflection Essay: Seminar 1 and 2

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Reflection Essay: Seminar 1 and 2

Strategic Management and Leadership

Case study based reflective review assignment.

A reflective review of reading in seminar one and seminar two / aka unit 1 and unit 2; SWOT the readings over all as they belong to seminar one and two in 2 charts. Which did you like better? Why? (Chart would have 2 elements in each SWOT box (5 marks) plus answers to 2 questions on bottom worth 5 marks)

In less than 250 words write your reflections on the company based on what you learned in the readings. There is no one answer. Each submission is unique and will reflect the writer. What did you learn? I wish to see 3 distinct areas of reflection for full marks.


Marking Rubric Your Mark

Part A:SWOT seminar 1 and 2. (aka unit 1 and 2)
(2 charts with 2 elements per box each swot chart /5 + 2 statements at the bottom of the charts to conclude 2.5 x seminar )

Part B: What did you learn? This must be linked to the course readings. Must have references. (2 things you learned, what , why important, how connected to course, reference. x5 marks each = 10). Reflection Essay: Seminar 1 and 2

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