Evidence Based Practice Assessment

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Evidence Based Practice Assessment

Quality, Outcomes Measures and Evidence Based Practice Assessment


This assignment is set to show your understanding and analysis of key concepts introduced in teaching on Quality, Outcome measures and Evidence Based Practice.

The format of the assignment is an essay with the title:

An overview and application of key issues from the quality agenda for occupational therapy in Malta.  [1800-2000 words]

Guidance on how to approach the essay. You are recommended to use this structure to compile your essay:

Section Recommended words
Introduction 100


Include a brief description of quality and standards, as they relate to assuring quality occupational therapy services in Malta. You will need to outline the key terms and say why quality is relevant and important. Mention briefly any factors that might impede the quality agenda. Links to session 1 400
Define and discuss critically the potential role of outcome measures for occupational therapy in Malta. Highlight both the advantages and limitations of their use in providing quality services. Links to sessions 2 & 3 700
Define and discuss critically the benefits and challenges of evidence based practice for occupational therapy in Malta. Highlight how evidence based practice links to assuring a quality service that is effective and efficient. Links to sessions 4 & 5 700
Conclusion 100



IMPORTANT: You may wish to mention very brief examples to illustrate your arguments from practice. If you do, ensure you maintain the confidentiality of both the services and people using them by indicating the type of service only (e.g. an assessment unit for children) or using a pseudonym (e.g. Mrs X). It is recommended that you do not exceed 3 very brief examples in total.

Also note:

  1. Reference your assessment in the usual style, making use of the available occupational therapy journal and other professional literature.
  2. You are required to compile a front sheet with your name, assignment title and the total word count.
  3. Any tables, figures, diagrams or appendix material as well as the reference list, are not counted in the word count.
  4. Submit your work as a Word File (NOT PDF)
  5. Work in excess of the stated word count will not be considered. You are advised that giving in under the recommended word count will mean that you penalise the potential of your assignment.
  6. Remember to use a footer showing your name and page numbers throughout the work
  7. The work will be marked using the UOM grading scheme and OT grading rubric