Evolution of Global Policy on NCD

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Evolution of Global Policy on NCD

HMG7120 Global Challenge: Non-Communicable Disease

Assessment 3

Topic:                                                Policy Review

Value:                                                40% of total grade for the unit

 Word Limit:                                   3000 words

Review the evolution of global policy on Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention and control from a public health perspective over the past 10 years. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Consideration in your review should be given to but not necessarily limited to the following points.

  • Evidence that underpins the NCD policy agenda
  • Lessons learnt in addressing NCDs over the last 10 years
  • Key issues that need to be addressed
  • Key global actors and leadership in NCD policy
  • Key milestones in policy formulation and implementation
  • Principles and Approaches used in NCD policy
  • NCDs in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Global Targets
  • The role of global versus national policy and the importance of national policy
  • Coordination and monitoring mechanisms
  • Key documents on NCD policy
  • Challenges in formation and implementation of NCD policies
  • Recommendations for the way forward

Within the context of the evolution of global NCD policy you will be assessed on:

  • your knowledge of the global NCD epidemic and priorities for action
  • your understanding of the theoretical basis of policy development
  • your understanding of how policy frameworks have been applied to current global NCD policy and targets.
  • Your analysis of the challenges in policy development and analysis and your recommendations to address these challenges.


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