Extemporaneous Field Research Role Playing Speech

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Extemporaneous Field Research Role Playing Speech

Although you could go to the local library to start your research, you will also need to go out into your community to study local political/ community figures. For this assignment you will be pretending to be one of these political figures (people). Your time in office is about to expire, so you are running for re-election.

You will need to address the people in your community and discuss current issues of concern. Research some of these issues and prepare yourself to address the people. Be specific about the issues and articulate in a voice that will convince the people that you are the person to fill the position. Practice projecting your voice appropriately to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position you are seeking. Do not make up information, as your speech must contain facts rather than fiction. Extemporaneous Field Research Role Playing Speech

  • Research and list local political/ community figures and include names and positions they hold
  • Include general duties for each
  • Decide who you will be role playing
  • While writing your speech, consider which major duties you will address and which current issues you will focus on. Don’t forget your Attention Getters!
  • Remember to keep in mind that this speech should contain actual researched information, not made up.


Politcal Figure: Gretchen Whitmer, Democratic Party, Governor of Michigan, took office: 2019-01-01

Issues to focus on: “Clean Up Drinking Water”, “Better Skills, Better Jobs”, and “Women’s Rights”

Some Resources: (feel free to use others)






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