Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Write a comparative essay that compares the film adaptation to the original novel. The thesis should address the issue of whether or not the film is an adequate representation of the author′s intended message based on a comparison of three formal features. The essay should include:

Paragraph 1: Begin with a summary or desсrіption of the novel and its film adaptation that includes the title of each, the author′s name, and the name of the director; establishes which formal features (e.g. characters, setting, and plot) you will use to compare how the film and novel communicate similar or different themes/messages. Click here to ORDER NOW

Paragraphs 2-4: Compare/contrast the film and the novel using the alternating method, focusing on one formal feature as used in both the novel and the film before moving on to the next. (3 formal features in total).

You MUST include at least 6 properly introduced/integrated/cited quotations from the novel in the book of the essay.

You MUST refer to at least 6 cinematic techniques used in the film.

Paragraph 5: An evaluation of how effectively the message of the novel (theme) was communicated in the film. Click here to ORDER NOW

Work cited page of the book and film in MLA.

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