How is Heart of Aztlan a political text

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How is Heart of Aztlan a political text

Essay must be composed in formal essay fashion, containing: a formal introduction, an analytical thesis located at the end of the introduction, a developed body of three supporting points that relate back and support your thesis, topic sentences that relate directly back to the thesis transitions that connect your supporting points, original analysis/insight that examines your thesis, research ( 4- 5 sources) that explains, clarifies, and supports the thesis/analysis, references to the text, proper documentation/MLA format a functional conclusion.

TOPIC: How is Heart of Aztlan a political text? How does Heart of Aztlan reflect the socio-political movements (Civil Rights Movement, Women′s Movement, Labor/Union Movement, Anti-War Movement etc.) of the 1960s and 1970s? Your analysis must show an analytical reading and discussion of the novel.

Pay particular attention to character development and the conversations among the characters. In addition, examine the power dynamics in the family and in the community. Do not submit a paper that is just a summary and compilation of historical and political science information. If you do so, you will receive a zero (0) for this assignment. In addition, you must quote specific passages (do not summarize) from this Heart of Aztlan to explain and support your argument.

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