Human Development: Aging and Depression

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Human Development: Aging and Depression

Topic: Aging and Depression. Here is the link to the chapters.

Human Development: Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with psychological research pertaining to issues of human development and to allow you opportunity to apply a number of different aspects of your learning in this course. You are to select a topic from the list below (or if you have a topic in mind that you don’t see listed talk to me) and obtain a peer-reviewed research article on this topic. You should use the Lewis and Clark library and electronic databases to obtain an article. You will need to submit the article overview prior to writing your paper in order to insure that the article is in fact from a peer-reviewed journal. Also, please note that I reserve the right to limit how many students are reviewing any one particular article, so if you want to insure you get to review the article you want, turn it in for my approval
sooner rather than later. Article overviews are submitted for my remove via the Course Journal function.
The article that you select must be peer-reviewed, empirical, AND cross-sectional or longitudinal in design. A key element in this assignment is examining age differences or changes in development across the lifespan.
Your paper must be 7-8 pages in length (not including a cover page, abstract page and references). With these additional pages your paper will be 10-11 pages in length. In your paper, you should provide an explanation of the developmental topics being investigated. Also, you should describe why the research was performed (i.e., rationale), what was measured, who was studied, and the primary results. (Do not be concerned if you have trouble understanding the statistics reported in the results section, just look for the findings that the researchers said were significant and read the discussion section carefully).
You also need to connect the research article to course materials. You need to do this in a number of different areas, including how the research article pertains to information and ideas presented in class. Additionally, you need to identify and explain the research design (i.e., cross-sectional), what the strengths and weaknesses are of the design AND how they specifically apply to your article.
POSSIBLE Topic List:
  • Age Differences in Depression
  • Age Differences in Life Satisfaction
  • Age Differences in Coping/Stress
  • Age Differences in Locus of Control
  • Age Differences in Death Anxiety
  • Age Differences with Sex
  • Age Differences in Memory Abilities
  • Age Differences in Adjustment Disability
  • Age Differences in Spirituality/Religiosity
  • Age Differences in Attachment Styles
  • Age Differences in Help-Seeking Behavior
  • Age Differences in Vocational Identity
  • Age Differences in Health Enhancing Behaviors
  • Age Differences in Friendships
  • Age Differences in Gender Roles
  • Age Differences in Parenting Styles
  • Age Differences in Racial Identity
  • Age Differences in Sexual Identity


Formatting Information

  • Font: 12 inch, Times New Roman
  • Margins: 1 inch
  • Length: At least 7-8 pages plus a coverpage, abstract page and references page.
  • Please do not add additional spaces between paragraphs (it should all just be double spaced).
  • Style: APA

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