Human Resource Assignment

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Human Resource Assignment

Assignment on human resource management

  • October 17, 2019, at the beginning of class (8:30 am)
  • Late assignments will not be accepted
  • Submit via Moodle

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt in class and from the textbook in a practical manner, and have the opportunity reflect on the experience. The assignment is broken into three different parts.


Part 1: Developing a Job Description (10 marks)

  1. Select a job in an organization that interests you.
  2. Using a Competency-Based Job Analysis, develop a job description that clearly states and describes the elements of a job description (outlined in the textbook and PP Slides). You may use a current job description that you find online; however, if you choose this option you must provide a copy of the original job description and identify if it is competency based or not. If it is not competency based, you will need to re-write the job description using Competency-Based Job Analysis.
  3. Include the relevant required Job Specifications (KSAs) that an incumbent or candidate would need to successfully carry out the job duties and responsibilities.

Part 2: Develop a Recruitment Plan (10 marks)

  1. Use the three Employer Branding Steps and write 1-2 sentences for each step to communicate the Employer Brand to the target audience.
  2. Evaluate and weigh the pros and cons of hiring from within for the position.
  3. Evaluate and weigh the pros and cons of hiring outside the organization.
  4. Develop and describe a recruitment plan for hiring outside the organization. Be sure to include who is responsible for recruitment in your organization, how and where you will advertise, and why you choose these strategies for your organization.
  5. Create a job posting based on the job description and recruitment plan. Human Resource Assignment

Part 3: The Interview (5 marks)

  1. Develop 10 behavioural and/or situational interview questions based on your job description, job specifications, and job posting.

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