System Engineering for Managers

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System Engineering for Managers

SUBJECT:  System Engineering for Managers


As you attempt the assignment, consider the systemic aspects that are being looked for in the questions. Use appropriate headings as you respond to the parts of the assignment below.


Requirements: Consider a public hospital as a system. It exists to serve the population of a city. It is owned and operated by the government, and has many suppliers that supply its various needs. Depending upon a person’s circumstances, the hospital provides its services either free of charge, or at nominal charges. Its services include ambulance services, diagnostic and surgical services, outpatient services, emergency services and all the ancillary administrative services.

  1. Identify the key stakeholders of the system.
  2. Identify what the system is for from the perspective of each of the stakeholders. Write these as a set of requirements from each perspective. (Use a table to answer parts 1 and 2 – no more than 1 page)
  3. Draw a context diagram for the hospital, indicating all the key interfaces and the system boundary. (1-page maximum for the diagram.)
  4. Identify at least 3 subsystems of this system, and construct a high level system hierarchy diagram. (Half a page maximum)
  5. Consider ONE of the subsystems that you have identified above and indicate the contributions that it needs to make to the hospital system. (One table, 1 page maximum)
  6. What is the required emergence of this subsystem so that it may make any ONE of these contributions? You may indicate this as the “input-transformation-output” of the system. (No more than 80 words).

The hospital system is privatized and is now owned by a private company that operates for profit.

  1. Re-do your stakeholder analysis, and identify any conflicting stakeholder interests.
  2. Construct a trade study value system that may be used to address these conflicting requirements. (1-page maximum)
  3. Identify any additional constraints that the new stakeholders may impose on the operations of your system or subsystems. (1 table, half a page).
  4. Reflect on the above and identify the key systemic issues that you addressed. (Half a page, bullet points).

Page Limit:

Your assignment response should be NO MORE than 7 pages plus a Table of Contents page and a page of references if you use any.


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