Human Resource Development Management

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Human Resource Development Management

Essay Questions:

  1. Discuss TWO INTERESTS that Employees in Australia have in the provision of Vocational Educational Training (VET).
  2. Discuss TWO CHALLENGES that Employees in Australia face as students of Vocational Educational Training (VET)


In the essay writing tutorial we will discuss features and characteristics of good essay writing.
However, to get you started in thinking about the requirements of the essay, the following guidelines will apply to this assessment:

Your essay should conform to standard essay structure – introduction, body and conclusion.

  • No headings, sub-headings, dot-points or numbered points are necessary.
  • Write in organised, clearly delineated paragraphs.
  • In-text citation should be used throughout the essay.
  • Use of the Harvard WesternSydU referencing system is required in the School of Business.
  • Use double line spacing for clear presentation. A minimum of eight academic references are required

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