Individual Operations Report

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Individual Operations Report

Write an Individual Report (1000-1200 words) relating an operations principle to your workplace. The report should follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) scientific approach which is covered in the course lectures.
Report sections
Introduction :
I work in a manufacturing firm and we produce pumps as part of production.

The scenario I choose to work on is on voice of the customer, customer centricity.
Plan –
Choose an operations principle ( I have chosen voice of the customer ). Give reasons for your choice. Describe a plan of action to explore this principle in your workplace. For example, you might choose to conduct some interviews, study some company documentation, examine current practises or culture, or apply the principle in a new/improved way in the workplace.
Do – Describe what happened when you implemented your plan.
Check – Reflect on the outcome. What was the result? What have you learned about yourself and the company as a result?
Act – Suggest what the next step might be for your organisation and/or for yourself to enhance knowledge and understanding of Operations Management. Individual Operations Report


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