INF70005 – Strategic Project Management

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INF70005 – Strategic Project Management

Each student is required to prepare and submit a written research and reflective report of 3300 words (anything over the word limit will be ignored and will not be marked). Write directly into the template provided to complete your report. Don’t set your report out in a separate structure.

The purpose of this report is to 1) reflect your experience as part of a project team in the group assignment, and 2) research on two project management issues in which you are required to use appropriate concepts and models relevant to deepen your insights into the issues.

Your work should be of a high academic standard. Your reflection and research should be uploaded electronically to CANVAS via  [Turnitin] by the due date. Assistance can be obtained from ADSHelp [03] 92145295.

You are expected to follow relevant parts of the required style guide and includes the use of Swinburne University Harvard Style referencing. Your report is to be typewritten into the table provided, in English. The report should be written in clear, plain language, in Word format.

Project Management Issues

The research on Project Management issues are in video format and made available on CANVAS. They are prepared by a number of visiting Swinburne project management scholars.


Complete this Assignment in the tabular template format provided (incl. number of words used)

In grading this work it is expected to see evidence of the choice and usage of appropriate academic theory to deepen your insights of the selected project management issues. As well as a high quality written, appropriately referenced and supported analysis.

Markers are therefore looking for:

  • analytical substance
  • argument structure
  • use of supporting material
  • quality of writing
  • persuasiveness
  • overall clarity
  • discerning between assumptions and value judgments vs. analysis and argument.


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