Intersectional Youth Justice

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Intersectional Youth Justice

Intersectional Assignment – 35%

The purpose of this assignment is for you to summarize and apply a research article that relates to youth justice. This assignment is rooted in your understanding of the concept of intersectionality. Please review the course material and ask questions where necessary about this key course concept.  This assignment will be completed in pairs.

On March 26, one hour of class will be dedicated to refining and considering your knowledge mobilization product in a peer workshop. Here, you will meet in small groups to go over your first draft of the knowledge mobilization form.  Participation in this workshop is worth 5% of your final grade.

The complete assignment is due as per your class sign-up (on either week 11 or 12).

On this due date the following elements are due:

Analysis: Four page analysis – 10%

Workshop participation form– 5%

Knowledge Mobilization form and product- 20%

Step 1: Select a research article:

Title Link
Youth Led Community Organizing: Impacts and Challenges

Reconciliation Means Not Saying Sorry Twice:

Lessons from Child Welfare in Canada

Youth Across Canada Speak Out on

Youth Homelessness Prevention
Not so Easy to Navigate: A Report on the Complex Array of Income Security Programs and Educational Planning for Children in Care in Ontario ‘
Sofas, Shelters and Strangers: A Report on Youth Homelessness in Niagara
# Generation Flux: Understanding the seismic shifts that are shaking Canada’s youth
Applied Or Academic:

High Impact Decisions for Ontario students
Struggles for Access: Examining the Educational Experiences of

Homeless Young Women and Girls in Canada
More Than Bricks & Mortar A Rights-Based Strategy to Prevent Girl Homelessness in Canada
The Young and the Jobless
It depends who’s working

(youth in secure custody- Ontario)


You’ll need to fill out a survey in order to download the toolkit. The document you need to read for

Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future: Mobilizing Youth as Agents of Change in Milton

If you and your partner are avid readers you may also want to read the book SEVEN FALLEN FEATHERS by Tanya Talaga. Please see me if you want to read this book and it’s difficult for you to obtain. Intersectional Youth Justice

Step 2: Read the research report and convene a meeting with your partner to discuss:

  • What are the ways the authors establish credibility? How do they establish their expertise in this area? Education? Life experiences? Some combination of the two?
  • What are the main themes of the report?
  • What is the role of intersectionality in this research? Does the report play close attention to race/class/gender? Is the intersectionality lens utilized sufficient? Why or why not? How could the research be enhanced using an intersectionality lens?
  • What are the implications for social service practice? How could the three models be applied to this research?

STEP 3: Knowledge Mobilization Workshop

By this workshop, you should have read your report and have a clear idea about the salient points about the article. In preparation for this workshop, you should have a draft of the relevant sections of the knowledge mobilization planning form (see step 5).  You will not hand in this draft. The purpose of this one-hour workshop is for your peers to help you refine and think about your knowledge mobilization product. At the end of the workshop, fill out the feedback form that you will hand in when you are submitting the full assignment.  You can prepare for this workshop by being familiar with knowledge mobilization (see for example:, but we will also discuss knowledge mobilization in class. Intersectional Youth Justice

Step 4: Write your analysis paper

Your analysis paper will be 4 pages  (max) in length and utilize APA formatting. Here, your analysis is comprised of the following main sections which is similar to the reading questions that you applied above.

  1. Summary: about one page, explaining main themes of the article)
  2. Credibility and trustworthiness: about one paragraph describing how the report has credibility.
  3. Intersectionality: What is the role of race/class/gender in the report? Does it pay sufficient detail to social location? What concepts or knowledge from the course would be helpful to incorporate in this research? About 1 page in length.
  4. Social Service Work Practice: What are the ways social service workers could incorporate the findings of this research into their research? What model of youth work is must applicable to this research? About two pages in length.

Step 5: Knowledge Mobilization

Who needs to know about this research?  What is the best way for them to find out about this research?  How could you let them know?

In this knowledge mobilization component of the assignment your task is to close the gap between this research and a particular audience. The goal of closing this gap can be action or education. There is a wide range of options for the assignment. Here are some ideas:

  • write an op-ed for a newspaper
  • create an infograph and a
  • write a blog
  • Write a letter or have a meeting to the relevant MP or MPP
  • Create a petition urging action surrounding the topic
  • Create a digital media campaign
  • Create a display at Sheridan
  • Create a pamphlet
  • Create an audiodoc

The goal for this assignment is to simply create the product to share. So you don’t actually have to share the product or evaluate the success of your knowledge mobilization.

In order to generate ideas about the knowledge mobilization process, have a look at this website:

For this assignment you will hand in:

  1. the product you created to mobilize
  2. the knowledge mobilization planning form (see rubric for relevant sections and grading)

Remember you are only expected to plan and create this knowledge mobilization product.  This means questions on the form that relate to partners and evaluation are less relevant, however, you are encouraged to read and think about those sections that you will not be graded on.