Issues in SHRM- Solution Analysis

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Issues in SHRM- Solution Analysis

Task Description:

Identifying, assessing, and addressing issues that affect the long-term objective of an organisation is a key component of SHRM; when done correctly, this process results in a solution that can constitute a “Win” for human resource management. Successful implementation of SHRM practices doesn’t necessarily involve a big budget and team. The best SHRM practices come in many different forms and often encompass creativity, passion and the ability to make a difference, no matter the size of the organisation. Click here to ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The purpose of this essay is to conduct an in-depth solution analysis of a Strategic Human Resource Management issue WIN in an organisation using the SHRM literature and seminar content as a foundation for analysis of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the solution as a best practice for the specific organisation optimising their human capital. You may wish to consider some of the following aspects in your analysis (these are meant to be guidelines, and is not a comprehensive list of considerations):

  • How was the issue successfully planned, managed, communicated and implemented at a strategic level?
  • Why was it important that this issue be addressed in the organisation?
  • How was the issue determined/discovered to be a problem?
  • What is the history or background of this issue?
  • How did the problem originate?
  • What are the salient features of this issue including the major arguments in the field?
  • What forces (if any) were maintaining the status quo (was there resistance to change? Deep embedment in organisational culture?) and what was required for significant change to occur?
  • Has the change/initiative gone far enough? Have all aspects of the issue been addressed?
  • Downstream effects – how is the organisation ensuring the initiative is long term optimum?
  • Limit the discussion to factors in the Australian economy; however, literature relating to the broader issues can be obtained from any jurisdiction.
  • The assignment is to be submitted in a business report format. Click here to ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

NOTE: The emphasis of this essay is on the solution, not the problem.

This assessment item is designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply the theoretical understanding developed in the course to significant practical issues facing various sectors of the Australian Economy. Consider this as briefing by an internal HR team (you, inside the case organisation) reporting to your executive team (me, the CEO of the case organisation).

The essay should be a maximum of eight pages – excluding executive summary, appendices and reference list.

The executive summary must include the following three components:

  1. 50-word statement about the organisational challenge – i.e. what was the challenge the organisation was facing?
  2. 50-word statement about the initiative – i.e. what initiative was implemented to solve this organisational challenge?
  3. 50-word statement about the outcome – i.e. how did the initiative solve the challenge and how did the organisation measure it?


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