IT Legalisation & Ethics Report

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IT Legalisation & Ethics Report

Topic: “Are the Sri Lankan Cyber-crime laws Sufficient to safe guard IT Professionals and the victims of cyber-attacks in Sri Lanka?”


  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of Cyber Crime Law of Sri Lanka and European union

2.1.What is cybercrime

2.2. What is Sri Lanka & EU response to Cyber-Crime?

2.3. Is Sri Lankan Response is sufficient considering current developments?

2.4. What are the provisions for E-evidence of cybercrime with respect to Sri Lanka and European union

2.5. What are the institutions established to enforce on  Cyber-Crime in Sri Lanka and European union?

  1. Suggestions and Opinions for Cyber Crime Prevention
  2. Conclusion
  3. Bibliography


IT Legalisation & Ethics Report


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