Kate Chopin Desirees Baby Essay

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Kate Chopin Desirees Baby Essay

Requirements: Paper must be 1200+ words; NO outside sources or Works Cited, only your own words Total 4 quotations from the assigned reading from below. Do NOT use more than 4! Themes in Literature Write a 1200+ paper on a theme in one of the assigned texts. This is a LITERARY paper, so you must use at least 5 literary terms in your essay. Literary terms include plot, character, metaphor, symbolism, scene (of a poem), stanza, etc. Theme is defined as a main idea or an underlying meaning of a literary work such as a story or poem. https://www.katechopin.org/desirees-baby-text/


“Desiree’s Baby” is not a mere tragic short story by which a reader may be entertained by its ironic and catastrophic ending. It is a story of a crime and brutality against women of all generations to come, depicting vividly how a woman may suffer and conceal her anguish for the sake of others. It is a story of innocence slain mercilessly by the unscrupulous power of harshness that directly governs human societies. This power which manifests itself through male supremacy is indeed very obvious throughout the entire story. It is Armand Aubigny who best represents this power, `a boy of eight’ at the beginning of the story, who once sees a nameless woman fells in love with her. It is initially revealed….Show More….

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