Keystone Assignment Final Project Part I

Keystone Assignment Final Project Part I

Read: Chapters 5 and 6 from the Textbook. (72-100)

2. Lectures:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Participating in Class and Taking Notes
  • PowerPoint Presentation Maximizing Your Memory and Mastering Tests

3. Video: Test Taking Strategies- Study Tips

4. Assignments to complete: Submit your first draft of Part I of the Keystone Assignment Final Project by following the instructions. Complete Quiz

Keystone Assignment Final Project Part I

Research at least three professions in your career of interest and answer the following questions.

1. What are your three chosen professions? What similar and/or different skill sets did you find among the three professions? (Critical Thinking, Com

2. What are the educational and professional experience requirements for the three occupations? (licenses/certifications, required years working in the job)

3. What FNU resources on campus can help you gain experience in any of your three career interests? Explain how these resources can help you.

Please use whole sentences, proper grammar, and punctuation. Pay close attention to the instructions.