Legal Report and Reflection

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Legal Report and Reflection

Choose one of the four cases identified in the CD “So Help Me God”.

Part A: Write a Social Work report, using a structured format and covering the issues you might include in a Legal Report to present to the court in support of the client. (1200words)

Part B: Write a reflection on the ethical considerations and social justice, human rights issues that were relevant in the writing of your social work report. (300 words)

The word limit for this assignment is 1500 words

(Part A: 1200 words plus Part B: 300 words)- (plus or minus 10%). Words over this limit will not be considered for marking.

You must include on your cover sheet what the actual word count is for your assignment. Please note that your reference list is not included in the word count.


To demonstrate ability to structure a report for the court in support of client and reflect on inherent considerations of vulnerability and ethical perspectives. Legal Report and Reflection


Cases for Court Report Assessment Task 1.

The documentary “So Help Me God” was shown in class in week 3.

In preparing your Court Reports, you are expected to use your own imagination in developing and expanding what we know about the individuals from the documentary, so that you have sufficient material for the court report.

To assist in contextualising your report, the following scenarios are provided.

DEAN: You are a social worker in a community-based service for people living with head injuries and their families. Dean was referred to the service by a doctor who assessed Dean before the court case. Dean attended your service prior to sentencing. You conducted a psychosocial assessment and have registered Dean for an anger management group that will commence in a few weeks. You were asked to prepare a court report.

HEIDI: You are a social worker at a parenting support and education program for young parents with substance abuse problems. Heidi has been attending the program weekly for two half-day sessions per week since she commenced the methadone program six weeks prior to sentencing. You were asked to prepare a court report for Heidi.

BILL: Consider that you are Pat, but you are a social worker, rather than the “psychologist” that Bill refers to you as. You have been asked to prepare a pre-sentence report before Bill goes to the District Court.

SEAN (or Shaun): You are a social worker at a Family Relationships Centre, where you have been seeing Shaun and his wife for counselling over the past 6 months as they worked through relationship, separation and reconciliation issues. You were asked to prepare a court report for Shaun


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