LLB Coursework Assessments Level 5

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LLB Coursework Assessments Level 5

LLB Coursework Assessments Level 5 Question:

“The act of accusation without a willingness to confront is simply an unacceptable act of ignoble cowardice–an act worthy of outrage, and not to be abetted by the state”.  S. Clark, ‘The Criminal Trial and Community Character’ in A. Duff, L. Farmer, S. Marshall and V. Tadros (eds), The Trial on Trial Volume 2: Judgment and Calling to Account (Hart Publishing: Oxford, 2006) at p94.

In light of this statement, evaluate the extent to which the current application of the hearsay rule contradicts the right to confront a witness in a criminal trial.


Word Limit: 2,000 words exactly (not including footnotes and bibliography)



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