Manage Innovation Improvement

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Manage Innovation Improvement


Innovations are creative aspect that increasing profitability and outcomes in systematic manner. In this consideration, in Australia different activities has been performed that helps to hardware company (Boer, Berger and Gertsen, 2017). Present report based on the different case studies on which more information has been gained. In respect to focus on the report, improvement and recommendations has been implemented to achieve systematic results. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Task 1

1. Key System and Process

  • Supply chain: In the Australian Hardware company, different activities has been implemented that are design to understand the concept and develop effective results. In the supply chain, there are several tools exist that increase innovative products such as design, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, etc. (Baumann, Mantay and Stepke, 2016). In addition to this, there are different people also play important role such as sales team, distribution and retailers.
  • Operational system: Operational system considered also important part that make successful results in the business (Archibald, 2017). In this consideration, sales team, distribution and retailers perform different functions in the Australian Hardware.
  • Products and service delivery: Australian Hardware company determines their functions in hardware and home ware manufacturing. Hence, it is another important key system to operate successful results (Fitzgerald and Stol, 2017).

2. Three Key Elements and Process to Develop Elements

In Australian Hardware, supply chain, operational system and products and service delivery are main elements that helps to develop the process in systematic manner. In this consideration, targets and goals will be accomplished in proper manner. Hence, it assists to make innovative results in business (Singh and Singh, 2015).

3. Key Results Areas, Key Performance Indicators Description of Performance Review and Service Level Agreement

Key results areas refers as the output and outcomes that are performed in the department which is responsible. With the help of the proper input and output, activities develop the concept of KRA and KPA in Australian Hardware. They are producing high quality products and services to develop the target market in systematic manner (Chenhall and Moers, 2015).

4. Evaluation and Improvement to the Strategy

In order to make improvement in the strategy, Australian Hardware need to concentrate on the creativity. They should concentrate on producing unique features in products and services. Therefore, it helps to understand the innovations in the business. Parts and packaging should be design to attract people through the swinging sixties (Brown, 2014).

5. Quality management and continuous improvement theory

In order to considered this system Australian Hardware need to implement total quality management system. It helps to engage incremental and improvements that could affect to the quality of business process and products. It requires zero defect and efficiency…..Continue Reading

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