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Create a Microsoft Word document entitled MGMT_440_Lastname_Firstname_A7.5_Assignment. Use this document to complete the tasks listed below.

  1. Based on what you read in the module, considered a manufactured product that you manage or wish to manage in the future as a professional logistics manager. Please define, critique, and provide examples of the inventory types, inventory costs, safety stock, obsolete stock, and associated trade-offs in managing that product. Please pay attention to detail because your main manager responsibilities are to lower costs but still have inventory available within 24 hour period to satisfy customer demand.
  2. Write a two page paper and include a reference page.

Manufactured Goods

As a logistics manager, I organize the storage and distribution of computers in and from the company to the desired point of sale. The company makes machines whereby as a logistics manager, I ensure that the right computers are delivered to the right customers at the minimum costs possible.

Definition, Critique, and Inventory Types

Computers are finished goods manufactured by the company. This is the only stock made by the enterprise which I manage as the logistics manager. We distribute programmable machines to the customers at various destinations. In critique, the company uses a policy such that no computer is included in the finished goods until they are sold. Examples of inventory include; raw materials and work in progress.

Inventory Costs

There are different inventory costs associated with storage, distribution, delivery, and management of computer stock levels. This, therefore, means that as a logistics manager one should effectively understand the entire supply chain to coordinate and liaise with suppliers adequately (Wheelen & Hunger, 2011). These associated costs include:

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