MGT602 Business decision analytics

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MGT602 Business decision analytics

The Research Question
How can the decision-making tools and techniques of a group be applied to interrogate and interpret data analytics be relevant to a contemporary organisation? Using Bounded Rationality for Organization.


Introduction: what this report is about, a very brief introduction to the organisation, why you chose the organisation, and any relationship you have with the organisation.

Research Methodology: a summary of the methodology you embraced for this assignment including case study methodology and the use of naturally occurring data.

Vision and Values of the Organisation: include vision or mission of the organisation, their values, an insight into their culture and management style using Morgan’s metaphors.

Organisational Theory: Can you find any evidence of management theory from Module 1 at the organisation? Can you find any information on their organisational structure, chain of command and channels of communication from Module 2?


Ethics and Diversity: Can you find any evidence of ethical practice (good or bad)? Has the company embraced diversity (Module 3)?

Conclusion: what are your views on the management of the organisation? Have they embraced organisational theory? Are they living their values? Do you have any recommendations?

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