MKG701 Task 2 Marketing Plan

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MKG701 Task 2 Marketing Plan Guide

Criteria 5 (10% overall)


Title page

Executive summary

Table of Contents



Excellence in written communication skills by presenting an error-free, well written and correctly formatted written report using the guidelines provided in Summers and Smith (2014) Communication Skills Handbook. Marks are allocated for correct spelling, grammar and in-text referencing.

  • Title Page that contains a title and all relevant personal identification including word count.
  • Executive Summary, a detailed summary of your entire report. Can be up to 1 page in length (not included in word count).
  • Table of Contents, identifies the headings and sub-headings in the report and their respective page numbers.
  • Formal introduction, should include: Purpose and Authorisation, Limitations and Scope
Criteria 1 (10%)

Case Background

  • Provide a brief descriptive background to the organisation and the product or service
  • Situation Analysis –
  • This section should identify the current market and major segments for your organisation and review key consumer needs and factors that may affect consumer purchasing
  • Provide a financial analysis of the market and the organisations position in it subject that can inform the SWOT and marketing goals, objectives and strategies
  • Provide only a brief summary of the external marketing environment analysis and identify the key opportunities and threats drawn from the Task 1 external marketing environment report (place the full external environment analysis from Assessment Task 1 in the appendices)
Criteria 2 (10%)

Comprehension of marketing planning theory and concepts

  • Provide an introductory statement for each relevant section that establishes a theoretical foundation for the approach taken in analysis and the plan’s development.
Criteria 3 (20%)

Analysis of internal marketing environment and development of SWOT

  • Use this section to build on the external environmental analysis and identify how opportunities and threats can be responded to based on internal strengths and weaknesses
  • From the SWOT the critical issues should be identified
Criteria 4 (50% overall)

Marketing goals and objectives  

  • State the marketing objectives you recommend the company attain during the plan’s term (remember to identify SMART objectives)
Criteria 4 (50% overall)

Marketing strategy

  • Outline the broad marketing logic by which the marketing objectives will be achieved
  • Define the specific market segments to target and proposed positioning
  • Provide specific strategies for each marketing mix element to explain how each responds to the threats, opportunities and critical issues spelled out earlier in the plan
Criteria 4 (50% overall)

Marketing implementation

  • Spell out how the marketing strategies will be turned into specific action programs
Criteria 4 (50% overall)

Evaluation and controls

  • Outline the controls that will be used to monitor progress and allow for future review of implementation
Criteria 5 (10% overall)




Additional Information (Appendices)

  • Conclusion – Should re-acquaint the reader to what the report was about and summarise the main ideas of the report.
  • Referencing – The report should contain both in text references and a List of References that includes all in text references used. The formatting should be Harvard style.
  • Appendices – should be used if there is supplementary information you wish to refer the reader to that helps further support the evidence you have supplied your reader in the body of the report


Guiding notes:  Given the 3000 word limit, you need to focus on the most critical issues for each section of the plan.  Also use the marks allocated for each section as a guide to how much time, effort and words to allocate to each section. Use table format to reduce the word limit (but be sure to provide an explanation of the main aspects of the table within the body of the report).  Descriptive material can be presented in point format, while explanations, analysis and evaluation need to be presented with narrative. MKG701 Task 2 Marketing Plan


Task 2 mark is weighted to 40% of Course Grade

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