MKTG204 Integrated Marketing Communications

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MKTG204 Integrated Marketing Communications

Your report should be written in 12-point Times New Roman, single space. Your report must not exceed 3.5 pages excluding the cover page and appendices. Your report should have logical flow of argument. Succinct. Well signposted. Tables, graphs and diagrams are appropriately used to present the evaluation of findings in an easy to read format. No missing, incorrect or inconsistent references.

1. Executive Summary

Excellent summary of findings and discussion. The key findings and discussion are simplified and concise. Sharp articulation on the important role of consumer insight research as a way to inform subsequent IMC planning stages/campaigns.

2. Evaluation of Findings

Write two pages excluding figures and tables.

Complete analysis of findings. Interpretations of numerical results are completely accurate.

Delete this guideline in your final copy.

3. Recommendations and justifications

Write one page.

Excellent discussion of how results could help shape the development of the subsequent marketing communications campaign. Excellent support provided from research on academic and/or industry articles. MKTG204 Integrated Marketing Communications

Delete this guideline in your final copy.




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