MNG03217 Assessment item 3

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MNG03217 Assessment item 3 – Positive Leader Presentation

Length: 20 minutes
Conditions: Individual
Weighting: 40%

The following assessment develops Communication and Social Skills Learning Outcome and Graduate Attribute by facilitating students’ knowledge and awareness about how to run an evidence-based intervention targeted at a specific type of employee so as to develop their communication skills in a professional setting.
You are required to develop a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint presentation must be supported by references on the final page. It should show how one small part of the Positive leader theory can be turned into a skills development exercise useful in the workplace.
Please note that you MUST upload your Powerpoint slides through Turnitin. MNG03217 Assessment item 3

Chose one topic
1. Identify one of characteristics of being a positive leader and develop a presentation about one strategy that a positive leader could use to improve the productivity and wellbeing of one type of employee (such as emotional labour (such as nurses or carers) or first response employees (such as police officers/ soldiers) or different types of professionals (such as engineers) or a specific generational cohort or any other type of employee. The presentation can include different types of skills development exercises aimed at demonstrating the impact of each strategy.



2. Develop a workshop for improving positive emotions/workplace relationships/hope/psychological capital/positive values or any other positive attribute evident in the peer-reviewed journals.


3. Develop a presentation showing how you would use positive leadership s******s to convince your management (Board of Director) of an idea that would improve employee performance (engagement/wellbeing).


4. Develop a presentation for management about how you would use positive leadership skills to introduce the adoption of proactive maintenance skills.

Marking Criteria:

Sections Assessing criteria Weightage
Topic • The topic must be clearly explained 1 marks
Aim • State the aim of the presentation 1 mark
Justification • Your presentation is based on evidence-based research using at least 5 journal articles
• The argument presented in each journal supports your presentation
• 15 marks
Turning theory into evidence-based practice • The presentation is creative in turning theory into evidence-based practice 15 marks
Presentation • Written: Appropriate amount content on slides
Slides were well prepared (layout, font size, visuals)
Explained well
8 marks
Total: 40 marks

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