NCTO Community Description

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NCTO Community Description

Name of Community:

Year of Description:

Name of Author:

History of the area and events of significance – Whakapapa O Te Rohe

In the next sections you are expected to include the following:

  • Māori, non-Māori and /or Pacific history.
  • Include the impact of history upon the health and wellbeing of the community population of today.
  • Location & type of community e.g. rural, urban
  • Include anything else of interest in the community that is related to the health and wellbeing of your community.
  • Latest statistical data (2013) on population health determinants using ‘NZ stats’ or ‘Area community profile’ ( Note: Area = your community e.g. Morrinsville)

What is your story of the History of the community you are working in?

Please provide a reflection on your community today using the latest statistical data


The Statistics New Zealand website may be helpful for your reflection:

Ethnic groups:

Cultural Groups:

Family types:

Transport :            Public


Type of dwelling:


Own home:

Living with extended family:

Household overcrowding:



Parental Education:


Income benefit entitlement:

Community Description- Te Whanau Whanau

Characteristics of the environment/community are identified and described e.g. Major services and employers and other recreational/community/cultural facilities.

  • You are asked to identify and describe the services and organizations in your community. Below is a guide of services to be included, but not limited to. The services have been placed under subheadings to help you to think about the different aspects of your community:

*It is important you include website links, addresses, phone, fax, email for each Organisation/Service

 Population Characteristics – Te Nuinga Tangata

Iwi and hapū in the area
Pacific and other ethnic groups present

Cultural groups e.g. Maori Women’s Welfare league….
Age & gender distribution (Website:

Environmental Characteristics – Te Ao Tūroa

Recreational facilities
Māori, Pacific and/or Mainstream service providers
Spiritual centres / marae / cultural centres / Pacific churches
Employment rates

Health facts – Hauora

Ante natal programmes
Health services or resources particularly for parents and tamariki / children NCTO Community Description

Early Childhood Services – Ngā Roopu Awhina I Ngā Kohungahunga

List of early childhood education services, e.g. Te Kohanga Reo, Pacific Language Nests
Preschools, Playcentre, Kindergarten
Ministry of Education, Special Education Services (SES) website: 
Availability of resources, e.g. local library services
Toy library
Parenting courses

Community & Health Services/ Organization Description

Fill in the Table by following the  prompts

Service/organisation and address or website (link) of service


Description of the role of the service/Organisation
















































Service Gaps and Hazards in your Community

Fill in the table

You are asked to:

  1. Identify the service gaps in your community
  2. State the impact the service gaps have on families in your community.
Service Gaps in the Community

e.g. No after hours Doctors


Impact on the child and the family

(e.g. Having to travel half an hour or more to the nearest GP Service may mean Parents make the decision not to go, running the risk of health complications for the child)






































Community Enhancement Provided by the Strengths of Services

Fill in the table

You are asked to

  1. Identify the service strengths that enhance your community
  2. State the impact the service strengths have on families in your community.
Strengths in the Community provided by services

e.g. School Dental Services and Mobile Dental services: 0800TALKTEETH

(0800 825583)


Impact on the child and the family

e.g. Enrol preschooler early giving opportunity for education to parents; early intervention and referral where there are concerns noted






































A Reflection on your Community Today using your Gathered Information. Please Include References

You are asked to write a 300 word summary creating a clear picture of your studied community. Review the information you have gathered in this description and reflect upon it.


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