NHS Business Report Task 2

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NHS Business Report Task 2

Question: In a business report: Task 2: Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two business organizations you have selected.

Describe the Different Stakeholders in NHS Organization


A stakeholder is any people, party, or group of people that has some influence and interest in a business. NHS is a non-profit organization based in the UK that provides health care services to the citizens (Zairi & Jarrar, 2001). All decisions made by the organizations consider the input of each stakeholder. The main stakeholders of interest in NHS are employees, customers, owners, suppliers, employer associations, government, trade unions, and the local and national communities.



The most important asset of NHS is human resources. Their actions depict whether the organization succeeds or fails. In NHS, employees maintain excellent interpersonal relationship with one another, hence success. In the event employees conflict and have disagreements in the organization, the decisions made are poor (Bundy, Shropshire, & Buchholtz, 2013). Since NHS aims at providing high quality health care services, employee communication and mutual relationships are encouraged. NHS Business Report Task 2


The customers of NHS are the citizens. Citizens demand high quality health care services from NHS. The major objective of NHS is offering top class health care services. Due to this, the management of NHS in partnership with the government ensures that the best services are offered to the citizens. Failure to offer the desired level of health care services to citizens, NHS faces objection from the public.


NHS is a non-profit organization that is owned by the government. When citizens raise any issue over the services offered, the owners intervene in different approaches. The decisions made by NHS leaders go hand in hand with what the owners want (Zairi & Jarrar, 2001). Owners act for the general interest of citizens. Any acts of malice are punished by law, since this is a basic amenity to….Show More Content….


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