Nissan – Competitive Strategy Paper

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Nissan – Competitive Strategy Paper

Nissan Motors UK operates in a highly competitive automobile industry. The company aims at manufacturing highly competitive automobile brands in order to gain a competitive edge against its key rivals mainly General Motors, Tata Motors, Honda Motor Company, Toyota Motor, and Volkswagen AG. Nissan Motor has been improving its UK market brand value and selling its automobile products at an affordable price that appeals to the market in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage and sustainability in the UK market.

Nissan Motor has adopted the right promotional, marketing, and advertising strategies in order to market its brand to the UK market. The use of company website has been of late adopted given the management’s realization that most customers regularly review its website (Frynas and Mellahi, 2015, p. 26). Further, Nissan Motor has adopted the use of social media marketing by using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post the newly manufactured vehicles on its page so that customers can access them from there. Also, the company has employed the use of UK Magazines, billboards Ads, and other marketing tools to promote its brand value in the target market (Wang, Nguyen, and Wang, 2016, p. 173). As a result, Nissan Motor UK has gained a competitive advantage over its rival companies hence enhancing its growth and sustainability in the UK market.

Nissan Motor UK offers the market a wide range of automobile products that appeal customers beyond segments and categories. The company has designed an excellent pricing strategy that is significantly lower and affordable as compared to the competitors. The pricing of Nissan Motor products appeals to all customers from across segments and this increases the sales of Nissan in the UK market (McGrath, 2013, p. 10). As a result, a competitive advantage is gained. The price charged for cars by Nissan attract new customers in the UK market, this increases the number of customers for the company’s products hence gaining a respectable proportion in the market share.

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