NSG6002 – Week 1 Project

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NSG6002 – Week 1 Project

The assignment for Week 1 is selecting the topic, stakeholders, legislation and impact on APRN or nursing practice – it is NOT writing a paper.

Make sure that you include all the requirements listed in the matrix and the rubric.

Submission Details:

  • Pick a topic to review that you will be using for week 4 – this will be your prep work for the main paper (due week 4)
  • Using the Matrix template below: PLEASE list a few items in each area on your topic.
  • Support your responses with examples
  • Cite any sources in APA format.
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned


Matrix for Topic Selection for Week 4 Paper
Topic Selected Legislation that may impact your topic The population affected by this topic and legislation Scope of the topic:



Impact on APRNs role or practice


Rubric – Week One
Item Possible Points Your Grade
Topic clearly defined 75  
Legislation identified 60  
   Possible impact of legislation defined 15  
Population affected by this issue 25  
Scope of the effect of this topic and legislation 50  
Impact on APRNs clearly expressed 25  
Total 250  


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