Nursing Informatics Project

Nursing Informatics Project

The Assignment

This week, you will finalize your proposed Informatics Project, using all documents completed during Weeks 1–4. Be sure that each table or figure is explained with a short text description just before you include the table or figure in your paper (APA 7).

  • Introduction
  • Identify and initiate a conversation with a nurse leader at your nursing practice or healthcare organization. Discuss what you will need to develop Scope and Charter Documents.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis which will provide information for the Scope and Charter. You can use a Word document and insert a table. Directions can be viewed in the Week 3 media piece, How to Perform a SWOT Analysis, found in this week’s Learning Resources. Some of the content is relevant to both the project for this course as well as organization of your doctoral dissertation. Overall, the first step for any project, work or your dissertation, requires a plan: what you will and will not do. That information is defined in a charter and scope.
  • Create a visual using the Gap Analysis map of the identified gap, documenting the flow from the point of origin to the destination. After watching the Week 3 media piece, How to do a GAP Analysis, identify the gap and analyze the flow or lack of flow of information as the gap in a process. The visual map will include the flow from the point of origin to the destination.
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using PowerPoint slides or another method. Be sure to review the media piece, What Is a Work Breakdown Structure? in the Week 3 Learning Resources.
  • Create a Project Timeline Gantt chart, which defines who is responsible, due dates to start /finish activities. You can find an example on pp. 95–96 of your text, using PowerPoint slides, or another method. Be sure to review the Gantt Charts, Simplifiedmedia piece in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • RACI (responsibility chart) which outlines who will be responsible for which tasks, if working with a team. An example can be found in the Sipes text on pages 111–113.
  • Communication plan – Include documentation of all communications, status reports, changes made, and next steps, especially if others will be responsible for helping you acquire documents such as IRB site documents if applicable. An example can be found in the Sipes text on pages 117–119 and on pages 152–154.
  • Risk management plan– After viewing the “Risk Analysis How to Analyze Risks on Your Project” media piecein this week’s Learning Resources, document current and potential risks and how risks may be mitigated if possible. An example can be found in the Sipes text on pages 113–117.
  • Rationale – Synthesize scholarly literature that supports your proposed project.
  • Conclusion

Reminder: The College of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The Sample Paper Template is found in Week 6 Learning Resources. All papers submitted must use this formatting.

Week 1

  • The nursing informatics innovators stories, discuss your experience with nursing informatics and how this course could enhance your informatics skills and competencies.

Week 2

  • Explain which project management processes and techniques you believe will provide the most guidance to assist you plan and develop your DNP doctoral project or Dissertation.

Week 3

  • Explore the pivotal role of informatics competencies in enhancing the quality of care and safety in your nursing practice.

Week 4

  • Analyze informatics frameworks and models that are applicable to healthcare organizations and nursing practice. What are the key principles and best practices that you can leverage from these frameworks to support your practice?