Occupational Therapy Essay

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Occupational Therapy Essay


Occupational therapy refers to the profession which enables people to do what they need to do through the therapeutic use of the meaningful daily activities. Here, the term occupation refers to the daily activities that people undertake as individuals or as a community to make use of time and bring some meaning to life. In the interdisciplinary school setting, the implementation of these laws was meant to improve service provision to the school children with disabilities (Jessica & Pranee, 2011).  The development of occupational therapy is woven into the fabric of human existence and has promoted our survival since times in memorial, hence it is not a new profession. It is obvious that when the health status of a person is not in normal conditions, the ability to perform an occupation or the daily activities becomes challenged. Occupational Therapy Essay


Evolution of occupational therapy, values, philosophies, and models.

Occupational therapy started to emerge in 1700’s during the age of enlightenment when the ideas of revolution were sprouting concerning the mentally ill people. During those times, the mentally ill people were regarded as a disgrace to the society, mistreated, and locked up. A scholar known as Phillipe Pinel and an English Quaker known as William Tuke started to challenge the beliefs of the society against the mentally ill, hence stirring up a new understanding of the same and possible treatment (Drolet, 2014).  Phillipe began an approach called “Moral Treatment and Occupation” in 1793 meant to treat mental illnesses. He believed that this would mean treating and healing the emotions of the mentally ill, hence promoting meaningful daily activities. This included music, physical exercises, and work as a means to cue emotional stress hence improving the ability to perform their duties (Mroz et al, 2015). William Tuke too advocated against the beliefs about the mentally ill by developing principles of treating such people with care and consideration just as the other people.  He promoted occupations and activities which would reduce the signs of the patient’s mental illness….Show More Content….

Examples of Occupational Therapy Tools of Enablement

Special schools normally accommodate the children with special abilities who require occupational therapy to advance their ability to carry on responsibilities.  Occupational therapists work with the children to help them develop their functional skills and knowledge in their daily lives in areas of play, self-care, life skills, and

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