Operations Management Essay

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Operations Management Essay

Task Summary (What is it I am going to do?)
You will write an essay (1500-1800 words) that addresses problems associated with an operations management scenario that you designate. The OM scenario you designate must be “real world” to you – an organisation or firm or company with which you have substantive experience.

Relevance (Why am I doing this and how is it relevant to my learning?)

The task will develop your skills and knowledge through an analysis of a real-world operations management scenario where you will have the opportunity to draw on understanding of theory covered during the first 6 weeks of the unit. Operations Management Essay

Instructions (How do I do it?)

Prepare details for your scenario:

  1. Study the stimulus for the assessment in a short video entitled: “Green Manufacturing and Sustainability at Frito Lay”             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jzxdi6KoQg
  2. List for yourself the operations management issues, challenges, and problems that the speakers who are part of the Frito Lay experience talk about. Put them in some order and scan through the first 6 weeks of the course coverage and determine for yourself what is it about sustainability that is vital to OM? Ask yourself how is it that sustainability and OM fit so well together?
  3. Think about how Frito Lay think and do when it comes to sustainability (don’ overlook the fact that their appraoch started out as something qute different from how sustainability is treated in the content we have been studying.
  4. Designate the organisation, company, firm with which you have a direct working relationship.
  5. Use either “sustainable manufacturing” or “sustainable services” to come up with a scenario of your own to analyse.
  6. Identify the theory or concepts from weeks 1-6 that best align (cast light) on your designated scenario.
  7. The scenario must detail a problem of some direct consequence to OM. For instance there maybe challenges, difficulties, constraints, or limitations to how sustainability is being addressed or worked, or maybe sustainability does not even feature at all. Operations Management Essay

Plan the essay

  1. Select a key issue or problem as the focus for presentation in the essay.
  2. The objective is to give concise detail of the scenario from an OM standpoint
  3. Identify data or evidence to confirm actually how seriously sustainability is taken.
  4. Consider which models, calculations, or measures you have been introduced to so far in the unit that offer scope to confirm (measure or account for) sustainability as an integral aspect of OM on a number of levels.
  5. Try to compare the extent of commitment from an industry standpoint with that detailed in your scenario. What data or evidence is there to confirm the seriousness with which sustainability is being opertaionalised?
  6. Include comment on best practice principles, if possible.
  7. Explain or discuss how the problem ought to be resolved using OM theory, concepts and practices.


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