Paper for Finance

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Paper for Finance

Answer the following questions:

  1. Choose a publicly traded firm. The larger the better because information is readily available.
  2. Check the discussion forum thread and make sure no one else has chosen it. Your company must be yours alone. Post your company name in the discussion forum so that no one else will take it. (This reserves that company)
  3. Find information about the organization, history, and current leaders of the company.
  4. Obtain financial statements for the company.
  5. Do a complete analysis of the company as outlined in Chapter 4. Do benchmarking and industry comparisons.
  6. Find analysis by an outside analyst. Compare their analysis with yours. Point out any difference in your analysis and theirs.
  7. What are the challenges facing the company? What are its weaknesses?
  8. What are your predictions for its future?
  9. Is the Company under, over, or properly valued?
  10. Would you invest in the company?


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