Project Scoping Assessment

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Project Scoping Assessment

Assessment rubrics for scoping assignment and group report

 Project scoping assessment: Sections the report should cover:

  1. Understanding of the client and their needs (concise summary of the context of the social challenge that the business exists to address, the business purpose, the current challenge faced by the business and what the client wants the team to achieve/deliver)
  2. Areas of further need to clarify (it is normal to walk away, do some research or thinking and need more clarity and it is useful for the student to demonstrate understanding and openness about what is not clear)
  3. Current ideas about how to meet the client’s needs
  4. Which aspects are within current skill and knowledge set (include reference to Comm courses and personal experience)
  5. Which aspects will involve learning/growing or calling on external support (including other team members) (this will also form the basis for the self-reflection report at the end of the semester)
  6. Project plan, Risks, Resources
  7. References


Some notes on layout/formatting.  You are practicing writing for a commercial standard that makes some academic guidelines unhelpful.

The layout needs to be carefully considered and consistent in style throughout.

  • Font: may be less rigid than the UNSW style guide suggests. I will accept Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial (but only one font per document thank you).
  • Point size: As long as point size is 11 or above I am happy for you to choose what you think suits your formatting and section headings.
  • Margin widths: Standard Microsoft word margins may be used, or the ones recommended by the style guide from the course handbook.
  • Indicating paragraph breaks: My own preference is that paragraphs are obvious from line breaks rather than indenting.
  • Justification: Left text alignment is fine but if you use Justified alignment then please check that there are not anomalies where long words get spaced inappropriately as presentation at this level matters.
  • Line spacing: to be at least 1.5 and no more than 2





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