Personal Statement Sample Essay

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Personal Statement Sample Essay

Why are you applying for your chosen course?

The reason as to why I have applied for this chosen course is because of my passion and the challenge, that drives me through every morning, just thinking of the future and where I’ll be standing. One of the reasons is because of my dad, who I look up to and learn things which I have never learned in this field. He is one my most influenced person in my life, who drives me in becoming just like him, with a dream of opening a company of his own. Not only the passion of creating a company, but also the challenges faced, just before starting. Being challenging in life, is something I always look up to. It’s one of the things that drives me, today do what I do today, which is Business.


Why does this subject interest you?

Why business interests me, is because of who I want to become in the future. I want to make a name out of myself. Being challenged and passionate are the two words that describe my interest in business. These are the two things, which make me get up every day to go to school and study. Business is not all about the money, but also about what your passionate about, and for me, the thing which is passionate is creating a company from start, no help what to ever, and trying to reach to the top.

What do you want to study?

The course that I want to study, and go into further explanation, is Business management. The reason to why I want to study this, is because it’s something I am passionate about and it challenges me every day, in doing more things related to business.

What motivates me?

How will you provide value addition to the university?

Where are you from?

What are your experience(s)?


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